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絶対彼氏 - Zettai Kareshi - Absolute Boyfriend

Absolute Boyfriend - Zettai Kareshi - 絶対彼氏


A Japanese television adaption of the Manga "Absolute Boyfriend".

Kronos Heaven is a Robot making company that is looking into getting into the field of Love by creating the "Perfect" lover. Complete fidelity, Absolute devotion, whatever characteristics you choose. 01 Nightly Series is the prototype. Enter Izawa Riiko, an aspiring pâtissier who is unlucky in love. After being tricked into signing multiple contracts she is stuck with a 5 day test run of 01.

huehuehue this was a Hilarious drama! Excellent acting by the main couple (I believe).

I very much enjoyed this drama. For the first few episodes I was merely entertained by the awesome acting of Hayami Mokomichi as he played a Robot, completely unaware of social norms and etiquette; I then acquired a soft spot for Tenjo Night as he tried to woo Riiko with shirtless posing and a sweat spray bottle. I then fell Head over Heels for the innocent little Robot who acquired a conscience of his own, and began to run on more than just his Program.

To be perfectly honest, I was not all that impressed with the background story (it was background to me XD). An aspiring pâtissier trying to reach her dream, which I didnt even know was her dream until well into the show. I was not impressed by the second lead either, Asamoto Soshi (played by Mizushima Hiro). I am not sure if it was the character, or the actor, but I felt he was a bit off. I Really liked Namikiri Gaku (played by Sasaki Kuranosuke), especially when they showed the father-son sort of relationship that he had with Night, so cute! I had suspicions that he was a robot himself... since he was so odd and was locked away by the company.. WeirD! But they have not yet been proven.

I think my favourite part of watching this drama was watching Tenjo Night become a sentient being. I Loved how childlike and innocent he was.  I Loved how he learned from what people told him, they laughed at his ignorance and explained as he asked what they meant. I Loved how in the end his expressions had so much more emotion in them, and you could see that he Actually felt them.. So Lovely!

Now, the End. Oh my feels, that hurt. I was satisfied with the ending, I think. I am a bit unsure. There is a special Movie length episode that wholly completes the series (I assume.. I havent watched it yet hehe), but the episode 11 ending was a bit on the ohmyfeels side.

Night's body/system can't handle his "ego" and so has slowly been shutting down/burning itself out; because of this he is slowly but surely "dying". He doesnt let anyone know until the very last when he calls Namikiri and tells him whats happened, and that there is no way to save him. He has left messages and made sure Riiko will be cared for. Upon autopsy his whole system is fried, except for a chip with a video on it, a video Riiko had unwittingly caught him recording. This moment is so Poignant, Nights plea to be happy and live on, and proof that he was More than his Program, that He, Tenjo Night, Loved Izawa Riiko.

The Show ends with Riiko going to Paris with Soshi, (the video chip kept on her person at all times) and 01 being placed in storage rather than destroyed, as per Namikiri's request. And that is the End. That is why I am unsure about how I feel about the ending.. It has a bit of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" ending feel to it, in the sense that all was made right in the world and all the magic was taken care of, and yet you had a sort of sad feeling, but it was good.

I think this may be a favourite! I will have to watch it again to make sure, but I am just finishing the special movie length episode and then I will know for sure, I hear it is a lot harder on ones emotional well being than the show..

I have seen many reviews where people shared their thoughts on how it was wrong and disgusting to have Night the Robot be the male lead, and even more disgusting that Riiko should like him. Personally I don't really understand their point, I see it more like magic; Magic is not real, but it is something that happens in stories, movies, dramas; It is something that would be Very outrageous in the real world, but in the world of fancy and fiction where Robots are able to love, and brooms are able to fly, I see nothing wrong with it. It makes for a Beautiful story, and begs the question: Who would you be in the story??

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